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Be inspired by a passionate teacher, structured content, a well designed garden and like minded people.

Each year two Introduction to Permaculture courses are run as well as a Permaculture course for women. Click here to find out more.



More than a fresh set of eyes, Wendy brings years of experience as she listens to your dream and builds a vision on how it can be achieved. Applying Permaculture principles, the design will be livable, sustainable and thoroughly enjoyable. From a blank canvas to retrofitting.



Darren Harvey

"Attending the Down To Earth Permaculture introduction two day course was an absolute delight. Filled with knowledge, fun and connection Wendy and Alan inspired us with their enthusiasm and passion. The course content was extensive considering it’s an introduction. The training facility and accommodation was comfortable and peaceful.

Personally I gained a lot from this course by empowering and reminding me to keep focussed with my direction to live a sustainable and connected life.

Thank you Wendy and Alan.”


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